Merrin’s Story

When I was 18 years old I was hit in the face with a surfboard. I remember I couldn’t stop the bleeding for over an hour. I was a bit of a tough chick growing up. I never bothered to get it looked at or even had an x-ray on it.

A couple years later I was headbutted again during a soccer match. It’s fair to say my nose by this stage had experienced quite a bit of trauma. I inherited my dad’s nose, so I remember I was never particularly happy with the size of it as a child, however, I had never heard or even considered Rhinoplasty Surgery until much later in life.

Functionally, I noticed a step wise deterioration in my breathing subsequent to my two trauma but not enough for me to action it. It wasn’t until I had given birth to my children that I noticed my severe hay fever and sinusitis symptoms were intensifying. Initially, I went to Dr Mooney for some topical nasal steroid agents to manage my poor breathing and allergic reactions, however, I didn’t see any noticeable good effects. It was then he suggested surgery. When I realised I could change my nose cosmetically and fix my breathing issues at the same time it was a no-brainer.

We asked Merrin a few questions…

We asked Merrin a few questions…

What were your dislikes or concerns with your nose?

The main problem for me was my inherited family nose, which had several breaks during adolescence.

Besides the issues with the form, were there any functional issues?

Yes, I was having increasing Rhinositis, allergic reactions and poor breathing.


How did you find your surgery and recovery?

I was well aware of the surgery after asking many questions of my pre-op nurse.

The procedure itself was straight-forward, as was the recovery – but the final results take time. I was aware that it would take up to 12 months to see the final result.

Were you impressed with the results? Do you have any feedback?

The most exciting aspect has been how happy my immediate family were with the results, saying that it made a huge difference but it didn’t change my face.

I think that this is the result of having an excellent surgeon – who works with your facial features and your nose together, achieving a really natural result.

Any final thoughts?

While I had concerns going into the surgery, they were all addressed by Dr Mooney and his team and I felt completely confident walking into the operating theatre. I followed the postoperative information carefully and I saw changes in my results each week.

I only wished that I had surgery years ago!